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Mistress Matisse, Seattle professional dominatrix, writer, and sex worker's rights activist, talks about BDSM, polyamory, sex work, and her life as a sexual outlaw. Adults only!

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Polyamory Advice: Making The Monogomous Partner Feel Special

Monk does a crazy 30-second riff on what a porn movie would sound like on radio. (You’ll just have to listen to it.)

And then we read a letter from a reader who asks “Since monogamy is not an option, how do you make your primary partner feel special in a polyamorous relationship?”

Sixteen minutes.


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Am I Kinky? How Do I Approach A Pro Domme? We read a letter from a woman who asks, "What qualifies someone as kinky?" Then Monk and I address that, and then kid about how East Coast people think too much.

Next letter: a man asks me about seeing pro dommes, and Monk and I talk about a kink scene as compared to cooking. Monk talks about his own experiences as a professional dominant.
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Sex Work Questions and Answers Monk and I answer reader questions about life as a sex worker... Emotional self-care for sex workers, and legal brothel questions.

About 13 minutes.
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Show Them How You Like It! Monk and I riff about The Venture Brothers, and then answer a reader's letter about dominance/sadism vs. masochism/submission. What do those words mean? Aligning your tastes with your partners… Then we give some sources of "educational porn", and answer a reader who asks: my lover liked kinky sex with her ex, but not with me – what to do?

(About fifteen minutes.)

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The Fab Four: Matisse, Max, Monk and Puck, All Together! Max and Puck join Monk and I for a chat. Max talks about his beginnings as a BDSM person, and how he came to be a rope bondage top and bondage instructor. About 20 minutes.
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Questions About Getting Into Kink, And Going Pro There's a lot of ranting in this podcast. Monk and I read a letter and then I go off into my "JFGI" rant. Then, Monk talks about being a new male top and a BDSM vendor.
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Kink and Technology Monk and I riff about the role of tech gear in their lives and how it affects our sex lives...
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Can Endorphins From BDSM Be Used For Pain Management? A complex question from a reader about harnessing the endorphins often released during physically intense BDSM - can they be used to manage pain from a medical issue?
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Letters From Readers: When BDSM Scenes Go Sideways Matisse and Monk read a letters asking about what to do when BDSM scenes go awry because of emotional issues.
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Polamory: How Much Information Is Too Much? Matisse and Monk talk about starting new polyamorous relationships: how much information about new lovers do you share with your existing lovers?
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What's Going On With Monk And Matisse Monk of Twisted Monk and Mistress Matisse talk about what's going on in both their professional worlds...
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Polamory Rules Monk and I answer a reader letter about rules in polyamory...
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A Good Spanking Mistress Matisse and Monk of Twisted Monk discuss impact on the ass - how to give it, how to get it, and dealing with the aftermath...
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Jealousy Tactics: Avoid or Innoculate? Monk and Matisse talk about the strategies for handling jealousy - avoid the situation vs. face it and get over it.
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